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Blackburn Golf Club
We would be grateful if all Visitors would fully embrace golf etiquette and our expectations in standard of dress.

We aim to operate an inclusive environment at Blackburn Golf Club, but it is important that we are all reminded that there are minimum standards of conduct & dress that are to be observed.

On The Course:

  • Anyone playing the course should wear recognised golf attire & footwear at all times;
  • It is not acceptable, for example, to wear jeans, cargo shorts, beach shorts, casual tshirts, sports shirts, caps in reverse etc;
  • The number playing as group must not exceed four;
  • Sharing of clubs and equipment is not permitted;
  • Divots should always be replaced, bunkers raked, and pitch marks repaired;
  • Mobile ‘phones should switched to silent, and only used in an emergency;
  • Everyone must observe the highest standards of on-course etiquette at all times.

In The Clubhouse:

  • The general dress code is ‘smart casual’ unless specified otherwise by the Board;
  • Recognised golf attire may be worn in the clubhouse, but golf footwear may not;
  • Smart jeans and smart trainers may be worn;
  • It is not acceptable to wear cargo shorts, beach shorts, sports shirts etc;
  • Gentlemen may not wear headwear or open-toed footwear at any time;
  • Waterproof/weatherproof golf attire and outdoor coats should not be worn;
  • Mobile ‘phones to be switched to silent, & only used for conversation away from the bar & dining areas;
  • Workwear cannot be worn at any time except by active contractors.

Staff and Club Officials have been asked to politely request a Visitor to adhere to the standards if it appears that an individual is not doing so. In addition, all Members have a responsibility to assist Visitors and Guests in observing these standards, either on the course or in the clubhouse.

The Club reserves the right to refuse admission to both the course and clubhouse if anyone acts or dresses in a manner which falls short of the standards as set out. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.