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Blackburn Golf Club
Fees & Categories 2023-24 (effective 01/04/23)

The subscription levels for the 2023-24 season are listed below following notification at the Annual General Meeting on the 18th of January 2023. Please email us on [email protected] if you have an enquiry in the meantime.

Gold Membership

7 day membership with privilege to compete in same gender or mixed competitions organised by the club.

Silver Membership

6 day membership with the privilege to compete in same gender or mixed competitions from Sunday through Friday. You will qualify to compete in the relevant Captain’s and President’s Competition days. Gold and Silver Members qualify to represent the club in any external competitions if so selected.

Bronze Membership

5 day membership [weekdays only] carries the privilege to compete in any same gender or mixed competitions played Monday through Friday with the exception of Tuesday competitions. Senior members in this category have the privilege to compete on behalf of the Club in Senior team matches.

Membership Categories

Gold Full£963£915
Gold 18-19£275£262
Gold 20-23£390£371
Gold 24-25£465£442
Gold 26-27£541£514
Gold 28-29£716£681
Gold 65-69£963£743
Gold 70+£963£607
Gold and Silver Joint£1,566£1,488
Silver (Male) Full£917£872
Silver (Female) Full£759£722
Silver (Female) 65-69£759£588
Silver (Female) 70+£759£479
Bronze (Male & Female)£671£638
Bronze (Male & Female) 65-69£671£520
Bronze (Male & Female) 70+£671£424
Full Time Student 18+£275£262
Junior <18£30£30
Social (+ VAT)£22£21
Social – Partner of Playing Member (+ VAT)£11£11
Men’s Single Locker£37all members
Men’s Double Locker£57all members
Men’s Holdall Locker£21all members
Men’s Double Holdall Locker£31all members
Ladies Locker£16all members
Handbag Locker£7all members

(1) New Members will pay the full headline subscription rates as detailed above, but will receive a partial discount in Year 2 and then the full discount in Year 3 to bring them into line with the prevailing rate for Existing Members.

(2) Age related discounts from 65 upwards are subject to the qualification requirement of the Member having at least 15 years’ continuous and unbroken membership. Such discounts come into force for the membership year after you reach the relevant age, e.g. if you turned 65 on the 15th May 2024, you would be eligble for the 65-69 category discount from the membership year starting the 1st April 2025. 

(3) As a Member, you are reminded that if you drop down to a lower level of membership, you are deemed to have resigned your membership at the previous higher level. Therefore, should you wish to assume membership at the higher level once more, you will effectively be regarded as a “New” Member and be subject to the corresponding subscription levels. This will also affect any “age-related” discount you may be entitled to. The Board may, but is not obliged to, make exceptions, but typically they would only be on the grounds of serious ill health for example.


Membership Application

General Membership Enquiries

If you have a more general enquiry about membership, please contact our admin team on 01254 51122 or complete the form below.